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Gabrielle Hughes

Brett Blake

Sam Pearce

Bianca Milani

Sam Gan

Samantha Howson

Nat Russell

David Quirk


Oliver is the owner of a boutique flower shop in a quaint town. He’s a dedicated craftsman with a passion for floral design. And it shows, his arrangements are truly stunning, beautiful works of art. However, Oliver’s personality is anything but. He’s known for being sharp-tongued, difficult to work with, and not afraid to speak his mind. In short, he’s a real prick. 


But when a corporate giant starts offering floral services without the thorny attitude, Oliver realises he must make some changes. Starting with his attitude. As he softens the edges of his prickly personality, Oliver learns to let his guard down and open up to the world around him. In the process, he forms deeper connections with his staff and grows to appreciate the community that supports him.

Prickly is one of six images that form a personal project codenamed Posterized. 

The purpose of the project is to create a small portfolio of Film and TV posters to attract the attention of the creative folk who make Key Art for a living. If you are one of those people, then the project was indeed a success and the only thing left to do is head to my contact page






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