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Gabrielle Hughes

Jason Riddell

Brett Blake

Sam Pearce

Bianca Milani

Sam Gan

Samantha Howson

Nat Russell

Atong Luala

Prompt Queen

Lily is a high school senior who desperately craves popularity. Despite her good grades and charming personality, she's never been noticed by anyone outside of her small circle of friends. That all changes when an experimental Artificial Intelligence escapes Silicon Valley and comes crashing into Lily’s life. Lily discovers she can prompt the AI to generate A+ essays without the traceable hallmarks that other, inferior AI produce. Recognising an opportunity, Lily begins selling these essays to her classmates for a profit. 


Word soon spreads about her unrivalled prompting abilities, and overnight, Lily becomes a school sensation. However her fellow students aren’t the only ones paying attention. A group of suspicious Teachers plot to catch whoever is helping students cheat. The company responsible for the AI want their technology back. And the popular kids will do anything to take back their crown.   

Prompt Queen is one of six images that form a personal project codenamed Posterized. 

The purpose of the project is to create a small portfolio of Film and TV posters to attract the attention of the creative folk who make Key Art for a living. If you are one of those people, then the project was indeed a success and the only thing left to do is head to my contact page




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