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Commercial Photography by Chillary for Pure Sh*t advertising campaign featuring Gyton Grantley.


Gabrielle Hughes

Brett Blake

Sam Pearce

Bianca Milani

Sam Gan

Samantha Howson

Nat Russell

Sonia Di Iorio

Bron Lewis

Sam Gebreselassie

Casey Gothard

Stefan Weerarathna

Stuart Daulman


Stuffed follows the life of Emma Baulm, a third generation taxidermist who runs her family's business in a small Texan town. Emma has a unique talent for immortalising beloved pets in a realistic and majestic way, but her passion for preserving animals masks a dark secret: she also stuffs human bodies.


When her latest creation, a human taxidermy, gets discovered, Emma's life is turned upside down. She must keep her secret from spreading too far, while trying to capitalise on the craze she’s accidentally created.


Along the way, Emma's relationships with her family, friends, and customers are tested as one by one, they uncover the truth about her unconventional pivot.

Stuffed is one of six images that form a personal project codenamed Posterized. 

The purpose of the project is to create a small portfolio of Film and TV posters to attract the attention of the creative folk who make Key Art for a living. If you are one of those people, then the project was indeed a success and the only thing left to do is head to my contact page






Props / Styling:

Title Design:

Emma Baulm:

Taxidermied Heads:

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