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Gabrielle Hughes

Brett Blake

Sam Pearce

Bianca Milani

Sam Gan

Samantha Howson

Nat Russell

Jack Druce

Jordan Barr

Luka Muller

Lizzy Hoo

Brett Blake


SurrealEstate tells the story of James, a reluctant Real Estate agent who’s inherited the family business.... and their ability to see ghosts. He soon discovers the agency’s properties all come with unwelcome guests. 


Eager to be accepted by the punk community, Amy overdid it with the aesthetic and accidentally swallowed a safety pin, causing her to cark it in a Spotlight parking lot.


Chad, a Personal Trainer who pushed his arteries too hard after becoming addicted to a suspiciously tasty protein shake that contained a tonne of sugar.


Then there’s Bella, an Influencer who was always promoting the next big skin treatment. She fell asleep in the bath while shilling a literal blood-sucking scam; organic leech treatment. 


And NAME REDACTEd, a doomsday-prepper who went into his bunker thinking Y2K would decimate the world. After 6 years of surviving underground, he ate a spoiled can of baked beans and perished.

SurrealEstate is one of six images that form a personal project codenamed Posterized. 

The purpose of the project is to create a small portfolio of Film and TV posters to attract the attention of the creative folk who make Key Art for a living. If you are one of those people, then the project was indeed a success and the only thing left to do is head to my contact page






Props / Styling:

Title Design:





Name Redacted: 

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